In Kamchatka, the Judge Let Slip What He Sees as a Crime of Jehovah’s Witnesses

On December 4, 2019, in the town of Vilyuchinsk, according to the transcript of the court session in the case of the Popov spouses, Judge Aleksander Ishchenko called “extremist statements” the ment

Kamchatka Territory

On December 12, Six Innocents Are Expected To Be Convicted in Penza. The Prosecutor's Office Asks Three to Seven Years in Prison for Faith

On December 10, 2019, the defense of six Jehovah's Witnesses demanded that the court fully acquit them in connection with their involvement in any kind of extremist activity. Judge Roman Tanchenko announced that on December 12 the defendants will make the final statement, after which the verdict will be announced.

Penza Region

On December 12, in Saratov, the Appeals Court Will Decide Whether To Send Six Local Jehovah's Witnesses to Jail for Their Faith

Tomorrow, December 12, at 11 a.m., the Saratov Regional Court will consider the appeal of 6 local residents sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for faith. Court address: Saratov, st.

Saratov Region

In Surgut, the Flame of Religious Persecution Has Not Abated. Two Believers Raided Again

On December 6, 2019, authorities repeated their searches of homes in Surgut where residents were accused of extremism because of their faith.

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area

Ussuriysk citizen Dmitriy Tishchenko faces prison for discussing the Bible in a cafe which is considered extremism by the police. His bio is online

Primorye Territory

Young father from Ussuriysk Anton Chermnykh performed civilian service due to religious convictions, but now he is persecuted for them. Read his bio

Primorye Territory

The Bible helped Larisa Artamonova find hope and strength to cope with a rare disease, but now she faces jail for her faith. Her bio is published

Jewish Autonomous Region

A 77-year-old labor veteran, ex-boat captain Vasiliy Reznichenko is put on the list of extremists because of his faith in God. His bio is revealing

Amur Region

In Neftekumsk, Aleksandr Akopov, Shamil Sultanov and Konstantin Samsonov Are Released From Prison. Electronic Bracelets Are Put on Them

On December 5, 2019, Oleg Kutz, judge of the Neftekumskiy District Court, ordered the release of Aleksandr Akopov, Shamil Sultanov and Konstantin Samsonov.

Stavropol Territory

After 191 days in the Smolensk pre-trial detention center, Valentina Vladimirova was transferred to house arrest. The decision was made by the Smolensk Regional Court

Smolensk Region

A hothead turned into a peaceful Christian thanks to the Bible, but now awaits trial for his beliefs. Read the biography of Valeriy Slashchev from Tynda

Amur Region

In Penza, the Prosecutor Asks to Send Vladimir Alushkin to Jail for Seven Years! The Prosecutor Spurns the UN Opinion on the Case

Seven Years of imprisonment for Vladimir Alushkin, four years of imprisonment for Andrey Magliv, Vladimir Kulyasov, and Denis Timoshin, and three years of imprisonment for Tatyana Alushkina and Galiya Olkhova. For everyone except Vladimir Alushkin, the prosecutor asks to replace the prison term with forced labor. Meanwhile, the UN Working Group officially recognized Alushkin’s arrest as arbitrary.

Penza Region

In Lipetsk, Witnesses Artur Netreba, Viktor Bachurin and Aleksandr Kostrov Were Sent to Jail. The FSB Insisted on Their Arrest

The action was taken on December 4, 2019, without notifying any of their relatives.

Lipetsk Region

In Penza, the scheduled parties' presentations did not begin, since the prosecutor wished to return to the stage of the judicial investigation. The study of evidence continues

Penza Region

A New Criminal Case in the Amur Region. Four Residents of the Town of Tynda Are Accused of Extremism

It became known that the searches in Tynda, which took place on November 17, 2019, were carried out as part of a criminal case against Sergey Yuferov, Valeriy Slashchev, Mikhail Burkov and Vladimir

Amur Region

Lipetsk Region Became the 49th Region of Russia Where Witnesses Are Persecuted: Three Men Are Detained, a Woman Is Injured

On December 2, 2019, at least seven searches were conducted in Lipetsk. During the raid, FSB officers knocked down the householder, causing her to strike her head. Artur Netreba, 41, Viktor Bachurin, 57, and Aleksandr Kostrov, 58, were detained; their further preventive measure is being decided.

Lipetsk Region

Sergey Uferov, father of two minor children from the Amur Region, faces jail because of his Bible-based religious views. His biography is online

Amur Region

A peaceful Krasnoyarsk citizen and Master of Sports Eduard Belyaev faces jail because of a talk at a bus stop about God. His biography is published

Krasnoyarsk Territory

Caring son and husband Vladimir Bukin from the Amur Region is facing up to 10 years in prison for confessional affiliation. Read his biography

Amur Region

Absolutely Peaceful 'Extremists': Prosecution Will Determine the Term of Imprisonment for Believers in Penza

As early as December 3, 2019, in the Leninskiy district court of Penza, the prosecutor is expected to demand the punishment, which, in his opinion, six locals deserve. Their “fault” is faith in Jehovah God. The Penza Jehovah’s Witnesses case is rife with falsifications and inconsistencies.

Penza Region