Rosfinmonitoring, under the pretext of combating extremism, blocked the financial accounts of nine believers in Orenburg. Four of them have minor children

Orenburg Region

Khabarovsk Territory Court postponed the appeal hearing in the case of Yevgeniy Aksenov, whom the local district court sentenced to two years’ probation

Khabarovsk Territory

A charge has been brought against a 77-year-old resident of the village of Razdolnoye. Earlier, law enforcement officers beat him during the first of three searches at his home

Primorye Territory

Restrictions on a Cherkessk resident, Albert Batchaev, were reduced from jail to house arrest. Albert was previously released in February, but the court returned him to prison after 11 days of confinement at home


Little Victims of Big Injustice. Children of Jehovah's Witnesses Are Detained, Interrogated, Humiliated

Since 2016, at least 18 cases of harassment of the children of Jehovah’s Witnesses have been recorded in various regions of Russia. Five such episodes occurred in January 2020. Dozens of minors suffered from religious persecution.

In Chita, Vladimir Ermolaev was released from house arrest on recognizance agreement. He had spent three days behind bars and another 50 days under house arrest

Trans-Baikal Territory

In the ’90’s, Rustam Siedkuliev went to jail for refusing to take up arms. Now he faces persecution as an extremist for the same beliefs. Read Rustam’s biography

Saratov Region

In Ussuriysk, the prosecutor’s office returned the case of Korolchuk and other believers to the Investigative Committee. Earlier, a similar decision was made in the case of Melnikov

Primorye Territory

The sixth criminal case for Christian faith has been opened in Chekhov, near Moscow. 66-year-old Stepan Adamov accused of extremism

Moscow Region

A new criminal case has been opened in Khakassia for believing in God: Six residents of Abakan, including two women, are prosecuted


“Imprisoned for Their Faith” infographic has been updated. It reflects the geography of arrests, their chronicle, the number of searches and much more

With Sentence Voided in Penza Ruling, Vladimir Alushkin Left the Pre-trial Detention Center in Mordovia and Rejoined His Wife and Friends

On March 30, 2020, Vladimir Alushkin, sentenced to six years in a colony for believing in Jehovah, left the pre-trial detention center after the sentence was canceled. In total, the believer spent almost nine months in prison – 293 days. It was a touching scene as he rejoined his wife and friends on the way home.
Penza Region