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Nikolay Kuzichkin, a 68-year-old Sochi resident, was freed after more than six months in jail, in poor health, but with unbroken faith in Jehovah God

Krasnodar Territory

Russia Loses Conscientious Workers as Attacks on Faith Go On

According to tabulations April 20, 2020, three years after the liquidation of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ communities, 332 people became victims of criminal prosecution, 166 of these undergoing imprisonment. These are honest, non-drinking workers: teachers, builders, firefighters, accountants, lawyers. Authorities ruin their career, paralyze their life.

Update: Sergey Klimov transfer from the Narimanov pre-trial detention center to the penal colony is postponed due to quarantine. Now he is in solitary confinement

The coronavirus pandemic leads to adjournment of court hearings. The next hearing in the case of Sergey Ledenyov from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was postponed

Kamchatka Territory

An investigator from Vladivostok threatened to open criminal proceedings against anyone who is a witness in cases against the believing spouses of Barmakin

Primorye Territory

In Birobidzhan, an FSB investigator informed believer Tatyana Sholner of the suspension of the preliminary investigation in her criminal case

Jewish Autonomous Area

A court in Novozybkov extended the believers’ detention, ignoring their right to defense. Meanwhile, two defendants were transferred to another pre-trial detention center

Bryansk Region

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, hearings on the case of Dmitriy Maslov, who is tried for talking about the Bible while hiking in the mountains, will continue on May 22, 2020

Krasnoyarsk Territory

Ten years of prison for faith – such a prospect threatens six residents of Ulyanovsk. More than a year of persecution led to a serious illness for one of them. Meantime, security forces hampered his treatment

Ulyanovsk Region

One of Jehovah’s Witnesses from Tomsk, Sergey Klimov, who had been sentenced to six years in prison, is now transferred to a colony in Astrakhan. You may send letters to him

Rostov court has left three believers in jail for another month despite increasing risk of coronavirus infection

Rostov Region

Judge Ekaterina Kashina left a 66-year-old believer from Novosibirsk in a pre-trial detention center, despite the serious risk of his infection with COVID-19

Novosibirsk Region

A new article has been added to the case against Sergey Sergeyev and Yuriy Belosludtsev from Luchegorsk. They are charged with discussing religious topics

Primorye Territory

In Murmansk, the court adjourned the appeal hearing in the case of Markin and Trofimov for the third time. The hearing was rescheduled for May 25, 2020

Murmansk Region

Aleksandr Polozov, a Norilsk resident, was put on the list of “terrorists and extremists” for his faith. Because of this, his accounts were blocked, and he himself is under own recognizance

Krasnoyarsk Territory

“Imprisoned for Their Faith” infographic has been updated. It reflects the geography of arrests, their chronicle, the number of searches and much more

Stepan Adamov, a pensioner from Chekhov, Moscow region, is accused of extremism for his beliefs. Here is his biography

Moscow Region