Updated: July 19, 2024
Name: Akopov Aleksandr Andreevich
Date of Birth: November 4, 1992
Current status: who has served the main sentence
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1), 282.3 (1)
Time spent in prison: 1 day in a temporary detention facility, 357 day in a pre-trial detention
Sentence: penalty in the form of a fine in the amount of 250,000 rubles


In December 2018, in Neftekumsk (Stavropol Territory), three believers, including Aleksandr Akopov, were arrested during mass searches in the apartments of civilians. What is known about him?

Aleksandr was born in 1992 in Neftekumsk. He is single and has two siblings. As a child, he was actively involved in football, basketball and tennis. He works with his father and older brother in the field of construction and repair. He independently mastered the specialty of a builder-finisher, clients appreciate him for his professionalism and conscientiousness. He still likes to kick ball with friends or relax in the bosom of nature. Can prepare a delicious treat for guests.

Alexander got acquainted with the Bible as a child thanks to his mother. Under the influence of the holy book, at the age of 6, he got rid of military toys and decided that he would not take up arms.

Relatives and acquaintances who do not share Alexander's religious beliefs are completely perplexed that this calm, polite, kind young man ended up in prison because of his faith. Some pray for him.

Alexander's father, also not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, said he was proud of him.

Case History

In August 2017, security forces conducted a raid on believers from Neftekumsk during a picnic. More than half of the 18 detained persons were children, the elderly and disabled persons. In December 2018, the FSB initiated a criminal case for extremism. Homes of local believers were searched. Shamil Sultanov, Konstantin Samsonov and Aleksandr Akopov spent about a year in a detention center. The prosecution repeatedly called convicted persons as witnesses. Some of them did not know the defendants. The defense pointed to the fabrication of the case materials. In March 2022, the prosecutor requested 9 years in a penal colony for Samsonov and 8 years each for Akopov and Sultanov. In April 2022, the court sentenced Samsonov to 7.5 years in a penal colony, Akopov and Sultanov each received a fine of 500,000 rubles. Following the results of the appeal, in August 2022, Samsonov paid a fine of 400,000 rubles taking into account the time served in the detention center, while Akopov and Sultanov paid 250,000 rubles each. This decision was upheld by the court of cassation.