Yevgeniy Spirin

Spirin Yevgeniy Andreyevich
Current status:
Detained since:
27 January 2019
Current restrictions:
Pre-trial detention
Currently held in:
Detention Centre No. 1 for the Ivanovo Region
Address for correspondence:
Spirin Yevgeniy Andreyevich, born 1986, FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN, Ivanovo Region, ul. Bolotnaya, 2, g. Ivanovo, Russia, 153025

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Yevgeniy Spirin was arrested on January 27, 2019, in the city of Furmanov (Ivanovo oblast) during searches of the apartments of believers. What is his background?

Yevgeniy was born in 1986 in Ivanovo. As a child, he was fond of drawing and skiing, studied well in school, and after graduating he joined his father’s car repair firm. He has a younger brother.

Yevgeniy learned Biblical teachings from his parents and in adolescence made his own decision to serve God. Because of his peace-loving Christian convictions, he chose to serve Russian society in alternative civilian service instead of military service. In 2014, he married Natalia.

As for Yevgeniy’s loved ones, it’s hard to see why a person who has done nothing wrong is being labeled an extremist by the authorities.

1 May 2019