Updated: May 28, 2024
Name: Konkova Nadezhda Nikolayevna
Date of Birth: May 1, 1962
Current status: charges withdrawn
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)


On December 12, 2019, in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Territory), a year after the mass searches, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against 8 civilians, including 57-year-old Nadezhda Konkova.

Nadezhda was born in 1962 in the village of Ukhtuy, Ziminsky District, Irkutsk Region. She grew up in a large family - her parents raised six children. There were many losses in Nadezhda's life, only her older sister survived. As a child, Nadezhda liked to work on the land - planting plants, harvesting.

After school, Nadezhda graduated from the Irkutsk Technological College, receiving the specialty of an accountant, which she worked all her life. In her free time, Nadezhda likes to go to the mountains, take care of her pet.

Nadezhda's love for the Bible was instilled in her father, who himself learned about this book as a teenager. She was also encouraged by the example of her uncle, who was a deeply religious man. The biblical message prompted Nadezhda to embark on the path of Christianity at the age of 15.

Soviet society perceived this step as a challenge to the system. For refusing to attend military training classes, Nadezhda was publicly expelled from school. Teachers, school and city authorities, and later her superiors at work urged Nadezhda to renounce her faith. Security officers repeatedly threatened the woman with dismissal.

Over time, Nadezhda met Oleg, who shared her values. Peaceful convictions did not allow him to serve in the army. At that time, the USSR did not provide for alternative civilian service, Oleg was imprisoned for 3 years. After Oleg's release, they got married.

In 1984, the young family moved to the city of Tyrnyauz (Kabardino-Balkaria), and later settled in Nevinnomyssk to be closer to their relatives. In 2018, after 38 years of marriage with Oleg, Nadezhda was widowed.

The search was a severe shock for Nadezhda and undermined her health. Due to heart problems, she was hospitalized. A year later, Nadezhda was still undergoing treatment. The story of repression for Nadezhda repeats itself: as in Soviet times, she is again forced to renounce her faith. Relatives and friends are very worried about Nadezhda, try to support her and are perplexed about the persecution of this peace-loving woman.

Case History

In November 2018, mass searches took place in Nevinnomyssk. A year later, the Investigative Committee opened criminal cases under two “extremist” articles against Anatoly Boyko, Yevgenia Akhrameeva, Georgy and Tatyana Parfentyev, Nadezhda Konkova, Sergey Kuznetsov, Karina Sahakyan and Rimma Vashchenko (Rimma died under investigation at the age of 90). In May 2022, the investigator stopped the criminal prosecution against everyone except Sergey Kuznetsov, who is visually impaired, has hearing problems and has difficulty moving. In August 2022, the case went to court. After 5 months, the case was transferred to another judge. The prosecution was based on the testimony of a secret witness. In April 2023, the court sentenced the believer to 6 years of suspended imprisonment. In the summer of the same year, the appeal upheld the verdict. Shortly thereafter, Georgy Parfentiev died at the age of 76.