Updated: March 2, 2024
Name: Mysin Sergey Aleksandrovich
Date of Birth: June 21, 1965
Current status: who has served the main sentence
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1)
Time spent in prison: 1 day in a temporary detention facility, 49 day in a pre-trial detention, 120 day Under house arrest
Sentence: punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of 4 years with restriction of liberty for a term of 1 year; The sentence of imprisonment shall be considered suspended with a probationary period of 4 years


On February 28, 2019, in Ulyanovsk, criminal cases were initiated against several civilians in connection with their faith. One of them, Sergey Mysin, was arrested and placed in a pre-trial detention center. He is accused of organizing extremist activities. At the same time, his wife Nataliya was placed under house arrest.

Sergey was born in 1965 in Kulebaki (Nizhny Novgorod region). As a child, he moved with his parents and younger sister to Ulyanovsk, where they live to this day.

Sergey is an engineer by education. As a child, he was actively involved in sports - bandy and weightlifting. He has always been drawn to the spiritual, and for the last twenty years he has been studying the Bible in depth with his wife Natalia, with whom he married in 1991. They have two adult children. The whole family loves to spend time together, travels a lot.

Relatives and friends of Sergey and Natalia are worried about the absurd accusation of extremism, which fell like snow on the head of this married couple. Everyone is trying to help as much as they can.

Case history

In 2019, the FSB in Ulyanovsk opened a case against the Mysins and their co-religionists Zelensky, Tabakov, Ganin and Khachikyan. After the searches, they were sent to jail and later under house arrest. In addition, savings and cars worth 1.5 million rubles were seized from believers. The charge under Article 282.2 was limited to participation in “activities that included religious chanting, preaching, study of the article and prayer.” Believers were seriously worried about the repressions, Sergey Mysin, who spent 2 months behind bars, ended up in intensive care. The state prosecutor recommended that all six be sent to a general regime colony for terms ranging from 3 to 7 years, as well as confiscate the seized property and money. The court of first instance sentenced them to suspended imprisonment for terms of up to 3.5 years. The court of appeal increased the suspended sentence for Sergey Mysin by six months - up to 4 years - and left the sentences unchanged for the rest of the believers.