Maletskov Valeriy

Валерий Малецков

Обновлено: 2 November 2022 
ФИО: Maletskov Valeriy Vladimirovich Малецков, Валерий Владимирович
Дата рождения: 12 September 1974 
Текущий статус в уголовном деле: подсудимый
Статьи УК РФ: 282.2 (1)
Текущая мера пресечения: Подписка о невыезде


Valeriy was born in 1974 in Novosibirsk. He is married and has a son. Valeriy works in the service sector in the field of central business. He is accredited in fence-building. He has always reached out for the spiritual matters and found answers to his questions about life in the Bible. Because of Valeriy's house arrest, his family, as well as his disabled mother, were left without a breadwinner.