Updated: April 16, 2024
Name: Yefremov Aleksey Nikolayevich
Date of Birth: February 6, 1964
Current status: accused
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Time spent in prison: 1 day in a temporary detention facility, 151 day Under house arrest
Current restrictions: House arrest


The criminal prosecution changed the life of Aleksey Yefremov from Saratov, a Jehovah's Witness with diabetes mellitus of the II degree. At one time, he suffered three heart attacks. His wife Anetta has cancer, had two operations and a course of radiation therapy. Due to her husband's house arrest, all the worries about the house and family fell on her shoulders.

Aleksey was born in February 1964 in the city of Saratov. He has an elder sister, Svetlana. The parents are no longer alive.

Since childhood, Aleksey was fond of collecting stamps. He studied in a biathlon sports class. In 1983 he graduated from the Aviation College with a degree in aircraft engineering. After graduation, he was drafted into the army, where he served in a special unit. He took advanced training courses for officers. He served in the GDR in the cities of Lerz and Verneuchen, then in Saratov, where he worked as a special forces instructor.

Aleksey met his future wife Anetta in his second year of college. They married in 1984. Anette is a math teacher. The couple have an adult daughter and a schoolgirl granddaughter who lives with her grandparents. The Yefremovs love to travel when they can.

Anetta was the first to get acquainted with the Bible. Then Aleksey's mother and sister began to research this book. He himself was attracted by the biblical teachings because of their clarity and logic. He later left military service because of his peaceful religious views. After that, in 1994, he and his wife embarked on the Christian path together.

Due to criminal prosecution, Aleksey lost his job and proper treatment. While under house arrest, he can only use emergency medical care. Also, he cannot accompany his granddaughter to school and take him to other classes. Aleksey's sister also suffered from the searches.

Relatives and friends are perplexed because of the persecution of a peaceful believer and worry about him.

Case History

In the fall of 2023, security forces conducted searches in the homes of believers. They seized electronic devices, personal records, as well as documents and all money. Aleksey Vasilyev, Aleksey Efremov and their family members were taken to the Investigative Committee for interrogation. The men were then placed in a temporary detention facility and later placed under house arrest. Three days later, Anton Bashabayev was detained at the Volgograd airport and taken to the Saratov Investigative Committee. There he was interrogated and placed in a detention center, after which he was placed under house arrest.