Yevgeniy Yakku

Yevgeniy Viktorovich Yakku
Current status:
Time spent in prison:
two days in a temporary holding facility
Current restrictions:
Prohibition on certain actions
Address for correspondence: judicial ban on receiving and sending mail

Электронные письма принимаются также через систему «ФСИН-письмо»

(Примечание: в письмах нельзя обсуждать темы, связанные с уголовным преследованием; письма на языках помимо русского в СИЗО не пропускаются.)

Emails are also accepted via the “FSIN-letter” system.

(Note: the letters must not discuss topics related to criminal prosecution; letters in languages ​​other than Russian to the detention facilities are not accepted.)


On February 18, 2019, Yevgeniy Yakku was detained at his home in Arkhangelsk. What can be said about him?

Yevgeniy was born in 1980 in the village of Sosnovets (Karelia). He has a younger sister. In childhood he was fond of travel and fishing. He moved to Arkhangelsk to study and was awarded the specialty of a teacher of labor and entrepreneurship. He works as a regional sales representative for a local company.

As a teenager, Yevgeniy was impressed with the fulfillment of Bible predictions. As a result, he decided to devote more time to studying the Bible and serving God.

In 2007, he married Irina. They love to travel together, they have many friends and enjoy camping.

10 April 2019