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Vavilov Aleksandr
Александр Вавилов

Vavilov Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Вавилов, Александр Владимирович
Current status:
Article of the Russian Criminal Code:
282.2 (2)
Time spent in prison:
241 days in Detention Centre No. 2 for the Nizhniy Novgorod Region
Current restrictions:
Recognizance agreement
Currently held in:
Detention Centre No. 2 for the Nizhniy Novgorod Region
Address for correspondence:
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Vavilov, born 1967, FKU SIZO-2 UFSIN of Russia for the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, 607683 Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Kstovo district, Druzhniy


Alexandr was born in 1967. First, he studied boxing in the institute of physical culture, but then he decided not to devote his life to that and studied hairdressing. He worked as a barber. Vladimir married Yelena in 1994 and adopted her two kids. Before wedding they started a Bible study together. They have been living in Pavlovo since 2015.

Updated 16 March 2020