Updated: May 24, 2024
Name: Vasiliyev Aleksey Valeriyevich
Date of Birth: June 6, 1976
Current status: accused
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Time spent in prison: 1 day in a temporary detention facility, 189 day Under house arrest
Current restrictions: house arrest


Because of his faith in Jehovah God, an exemplary family man Aleksey Vasiliyev turned out to be a defendant in a criminal case on extremism. In the fall of 2023, his house was searched, after which the believer was placed under house arrest.

Aleksey was born in June 1976 in Volgograd, and later moved with his family to Balashov (Saratov region). He has a brother and sister and retired parents.

As a child, Aleksey loved to collect stamps, was engaged in boxing and other martial arts, and was fond of fishing. He also enjoyed reading books. After school, he moved to Saratov, where he received the qualification of a mechanical engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the university. Then Aleksey received a second higher education and the profession of an economist-manager. In 2002, Aleksey was trained under the Presidential Management Training Program "Crisis Management and Financial Recovery of the Enterprise".

Aleksey worked at the Research Institute of Technology as a manager of the commercial department, then as a deputy director in several companies, and most recently worked as a commercial director of the sales department for industrial equipment for the oil industry.

Aleksey met his wife Yelena during his studies. They got married in 2000. Before the birth of her daughter, Yelena worked in an advertising firm. The daughter of the Vasilyevs studies at a medical college, graduated with honors from a music school in piano, was engaged in aerial gymnastics, equestrian sports. In her free time, she is fond of drawing and loves to cook. The Vasilyevs like to go to the Volga River with the whole family and spend time in nature.

Aleksey began studying the Bible with his future wife Yelena in the late 1990s with the aim of "exposing" believers. Six years later, however, he came to the conclusion that what Jehovah's Witnesses were saying was completely consistent with the Bible. He was personally convinced that biblical principles are practical, and this book is logical and consistent. In 2005, the couple decided to become Christians together.

In his free time, Aleksey is engaged in spearfishing, goes fishing, likes to go out into nature with an overnight stay, and also gardening and growing grapes. Elena likes to grow flowers.

The usual way of life of the Vasiliyev family was violated after the search. What was happening affected Aleksey's health. He said: "At work, they stopped all contact with me, the management forbade employees to communicate with me. During the search, bank cards and a phone were seized, in fact, I was left without a livelihood.

Aleksey's friends and relatives wonder why a decent and peace-loving person is persecuted because of his faith.

Case History

In the fall of 2023, security forces conducted searches in the homes of believers. They seized electronic devices, personal records, as well as documents and all money. Aleksey Vasilyev, Aleksey Efremov and their family members were taken to the Investigative Committee for interrogation. The men were then placed in a temporary detention facility and later placed under house arrest. Three days later, Anton Bashabayev was detained at the Volgograd airport and taken to the Saratov Investigative Committee. There he was interrogated and placed in a detention center, after which he was placed under house arrest.