Updated: July 17, 2024
Name: Anufriyev Vladimir Nikolayevich
Date of Birth: September 2, 1978
Current status: accused
Time spent in prison: 1 day in a temporary detention facility, 14 day in a pre-trial detention
Current restrictions: detention center
Currently held in: Detention Center No.2 for Nizhny Novgorod Region
Address for correspondence: Anufriyev Vladimir Nikolayevich, born 1978, SIZO No.2 for Nizhny Novgorod Region, Pos. Druzhny, Kstovsk district, Nizhny Novgorod Region, 607683

Letters of support can be sent by regular mail or through the «zonatelecom».

Note: discussing topics related to criminal prosecution is not allowed in letters; languages other than Russian will not pass.


In July 2024, Vladimir Anufriyev and his wife Anastasiya ended up in a pre-trial detention center more than 1000 km from their home—law enforcement officers detained them in Akhtubinsk (Astrakhan Region) and took them to Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod Region, where they were placed in a pre-trial detention center. The couple learned that a criminal case had been opened against them on charges of extremism.

Vladimir was born in September 1978 in the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region. He has a younger brother. Their mother is retired. His father left the family when Vladimir was 15, and the young man had to start working to help his mother.

As a child, Vladimir loved sports, went skiing and skating, went in for swimming, graduated from a music school in the saxophone class. After school, he studied accounting, English and programming, worked as a courier and salesman. Before his arrest, he worked as a 1C programmer.

Vladimir was impressed by the logic, reliability and scientific accuracy of the Bible. Studying this book helped him find meaning in life, and in 1998 he embarked on the Christian path.

In September 2004, Vladimir married Anastasiya, who shares his views on life. The spouses love to relax with friends in nature, go fishing, receive guests and play board games.

Vladimir's family and friends worry about him and try to provide comprehensive support.