Udintsev Yevgeniy

Евгений Удинцев

Обновлено: 23 March 2023 
ФИО: Udintsev Yevgeniy Georgiyevich Удинцев, Евгений Георгиевич
Дата рождения: 14 March 1949 
Текущий статус в уголовном деле: отбывший основное наказание
Статьи УК РФ: 282.2 (1)


Born in 1949 in Kirov. As a child, suffered from a heart defect. Learned the skills of a civil engineer, a technician and technologist for metal processing. Since 1970 married to Elizaveta, whose sister introduced the Bible to them. Today Yevgeniy, Elizaveta and their daughter are a united Christian family.