Sergeyev Sergey

Сергей Сергеев

Обновлено: 30 March 2023 
ФИО: Sergeyev Sergey Aleksandrovich Сергеев, Сергей Александрович
Дата рождения: 6 September 1955 
Текущий статус в уголовном деле: осужденный
Статьи УК РФ: 282.2 (1.1), 282.2 (2)
Текущие ограничения: Условное наказание


Born in 1955 in Saratov Region. Has a sister. Learned the skills of a milling machine operator and an excavator driver. Drove excavators in an opencast mining complex. Lived and worked in different cities. In 1991, married Nelly. Soon after the wedding they both started studying the Bible. Brought up two daughters and a son.