Updated: July 17, 2024
Name: Менькова Екатерина Владимировна
Date of Birth: October 19, 1982
Current status: convicted person
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Current restrictions: recognizance agreement
Sentence: 2 years conditionally with a probationary period of 2 years, with a ban to change the permanent place of residence and work without notifying the state body and to leave the place of residence from 23.00 to 6:00


An ambulance was called to the end of the search, which was carried out by FSB officers at Yekaterina Menkova's house. A criminal case was opened against the woman only because of her faith.

Yekaterina was born in October 1982 in the village of Tavn-Gashun in the Republic of Kalmykia. She has two older brothers and a sister. Their mother is a pensioner, and their father has already died.

As a child, Yekaterina was fond of basketball, also loved to knit and run the household. After school, she graduated from Kalmykia State University with a degree in Technologist for the Production and Processing of Agricultural Products. Then she worked at a factory as a laboratory assistant and technologist, and later became an individual entrepreneur. Recently he has been working in the field of cleaning.

Friends told Yekaterina about the Bible. She was impressed by the consistency and consistency of this book. In 2017, she decided to take the Christian path.

In her free time, Yekaterina enjoys cooking desserts and pastries, listening to audiobooks and walking her dog in the fresh air.

Yekaterina has a husband and a son who goes to school. The family lives in Elista, the capital of Kalmykia.

Relatives consider the criminal prosecution of the believer unreasonable.

Case History

In February 2023, the FSB initiated a criminal case for organizing the activity of an extremist organization against pensioner Kishta Tutinova from Elista and raided her home and the homes of her fellow believers. The reason was that the believer, according to the investigation, “held religious meetings and directly participated in them in the form of online conferences” while being at home. She spent 2 days in a temporary detention facility, more than 4 months under house arrest and about 7 months under a ban on certain actions. Tsagan Khalgayeva and Yekaterina Menkova were witnesses in the case, but in December 2023 they were charged with participating in the activity of an extremist organization. In February 2024, the case went to court. Three months later, the women were given suspended sentences ranging from 2 to 3 years.