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Melnikov Sergey
Сергей Мельников

Melnikov Sergey Viktorovich
Мельников, Сергей Викторович
Current status:
Article of the Russian Criminal Code:
282.2 (2)
Time spent in prison:
122 days in Detention Centre No 2 of the Primorye Territory, Ussuriysk, 145 days under house arrest
Detained since:
5 June 2019
Current restrictions:
Recognizance agreement


Sergey was born in 1973 in the village of Terney, Primorye Territory. He worked as a fire paratrooper, a sailor in the fishing fleet, and a janitor. Sergey lived in Vladivostok and Ussuriysk. There he began studying the Bible and since then has sought to live according to its principles. Sergey was detained while talking about the Bible with a friend.
Updated 23 March 2020