Updated: May 24, 2024
Name: Chausova Oksana Borisovna
Date of Birth: June 18, 1986
Current status: defendant
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (2)
Time spent in prison: 2 day in a temporary detention facility, 202 day Under house arrest
Current restrictions: prohibition of certain actions


In August 2023, Oksana Chausova, together with her husband Dmitriy, was prosecuted only because she believes in Jehovah God. After the search, law enforcement officers placed Oksana under house arrest, and her husband was placed in a pre-trial detention center.

Oksana was born in June 1986 in the city of Shu (Kazakhstan). When the girl was 13, her father died. She was raised by her mother and stepfather.

Oksana spent her youth in the Kursk region. There she graduated from medical school with a degree in nursing. In recent years, she has worked as a manicure and pedicure master.

Oksana got married in 2012, at the same time she moved to Kursk. Her husband, Dmitry, is a welder by profession and loves viticulture.

Thanks to her believing grandparents, Oksana was familiar with the Bible from childhood, and when she grew up, she began to seriously think about what the meaning of life is, whether justice will be restored around the world. She found the answers to her questions in the pages of the Bible, and her trust in this book and God increased. In 2014, Oksana and her husband embarked on the Christian path.

Faced with criminal prosecution, Oksana lost her job and began to have serious health problems. Her relatives do not understand how in modern society a person can suffer only because of his religious views.

Case History

In August 2023, the homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses were searched in Kursk. An FSB investigator opened a criminal case against Nikolay Kupriyanskiy and the spouses Dmitriy and Oksana Chausov. They were accused of organizing the activities of an extremist community and participating in it. Dmitriy was sent to a pre-trial detention center, and later as well as Nikolay and Oksana they were placed under house arrest.