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Andreyev Andrey
Андрей Андреев

Andreyev Andrey Leonidovich
Андреев, Андрей Леонидович
Current status:
Article of the Russian Criminal Code:
282.2 (1)
Detained since:
16 October 2019
Current restrictions:
Pre-trial detention
Currently held in:
FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN of Russia for Kursk Region
СИЗО № 1 по Курской области
Address for correspondence:
Andrey Leonidovich Andreyev, born 1976, FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN of Russia for Kursk Region, ul. Pirogova 1, g. Kursk, 305016
Андрееву Андрею Леонидовичу, 1976 г. р., ФКУ СИЗО-1 УФСИН России по Курской области, ул. Пирогова, 1, г. Курск, 305016

Letters of support can be sent via hard copy or via the «FSIN-letter».

(Note: discussing topics related to criminal prosecution is not allowed in letters; languages other than Russian will not pass.)


Andrey was born in 1976 in Kursk. He has a repairman profession. Andrey used to work as a fireman and he is currently a roofer. He raises two daughters with his wife Svetlana. Andrey started a Bible study being interested in Bible prophecies. He lost his job because of the criminal pursuit.

Updated 13 March 2020