Updated: June 14, 2024
Name: Alekseyev Igor Valeriyevich
Date of Birth: July 3, 1977
Current status: accused
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation: 282.2 (1)
Current restrictions: recognizance agreement


In April 2022, Igor Alekseyev, a peaceful resident of Yoshkar-Ola, became a defendant in a criminal case only because of his religious views. Law enforcement officers  regarded discussing the Bible among friends as organizing the activity of an extremist organization.

Igor was born in 1977 in the village of Arzebelyak (Mari El). He has a younger sister. Their father is no longer alive and their mother is retired. In his youth, Igor liked skiing. For his vocational education he trained in 3 professions: driver, electrician and bricklayer. He works as a bricklayer. In his free time, Igor likes handcrafting things.

At the age of 32, Igor began studying the Bible. He was impressed by the teaching that  people are not tormented in hell after death. Igor realized that he wanted to live according to the teachings of Christ and serve God, which he did from 2009.

Igor met his future wife Nataliya at a relative's wedding. They got married in 2006. Nataliya cleans private apartments, enjoys singing, playing the piano and knitting. The couple have a son and a daughter. The Alekseyevs used to live in Samara, and then moved to Yoshkar-Ola to help their parents.

Nataliya has shared her husband's religious views since 2011. In the Bible, she found answers to her questions: why people die and why there is so much injustice in life.

The criminal prosecution disrupted the happy family life in the Alekseyev household and caused a feeling of anxiety. The children worry about their beloved parents. Family and friends are trying to support them during this difficult time.

Case History

In April 2022, the FSB initiated a criminal case against Jehovah’s Witnesses from Yoshkar-Ola. Searches were carried out at nine addresses; law enforcement officers used force against one of the believers, Yevgeny Plotnikov. He was arrested and subsequently placed in a detention center. In August 2022, Yevgeny was placed under house arrest, and in October he was placed under a ban on certain activities. From December of the same year, the FSB investigator began making other residents of the city defendants – Sergey Kulikov and his son Aleksey, Eduard Kapitonov and his son Ilya, Igor Alekseyev, Vladimir Usenko and Denis Petrov. The investigator regarded practicing their faith as extremist actions. The believers were made to sign a recognizance agreement.