14 September 2019

In Karpinsk, hearings began on the case of Prianikov and Dulova, mother and daughter. Court rejected all their petitions. Follow the case chronicle

14 September 2019

In Saratov, defendants exhaustively explained why extremism is alien to them. Legal entities are not mandated to practice faith. Read the chronicle

12 September 2019

In the Klimov case in Tomsk, the prosecutor's office requested more time to prepare for the debate. Hearings were rescheduled for October 21

11 September 2019

​In Saratov, court searched in vain for extremism in the books of Jehovah's Witnesses. Religious scholar Sergey Ivanenko gave testimony. Read chronicle

10 September 2019 Hearings in the Khabarovsk case​ were postponed to October 28. Prosecutor will have to present his evidence
9 September 2019

Hearings in the case of Grigoriy Bubnov​, accused of organizing extremist activities because of his faith, begin in Primorsky Territory

9 September 2019

On September 9, hearings on the merits of six believers accused of professing faith in Jehovah begin in Khabarovsk. Read details in the chronicle

6 September 2019 Court in Vladivostok interrogates believers. Will they testify against Dmitriy Barmakin? Read the process chronicle
6 September 2019 Witnesses for the Klimov case in Tomsk cannot explain what connection he has with extremism. Read the chronicle of the trial​
5 September 2019 Perm Regional Court upheld the conviction of Jehovah's Witness Aleksandr Solovyev. He will pay a large fine of 300,000 rubles for his faith
3 September 2019 In Perm, an engineer faces 6 years of prison term for faith in God and reading the Bible. Read Aleksey Metsger’s biography
3 September 2019 State allowed a believer Alternative Civilian Service due to his faith, and then declared this faith criminal. Read Maksim Zavrazhnov’s bio
3 September 2019 In Nizhniy Novgorod, car technician and family head faces religious discrimination and criminal persecution. Oleg Konshin’s bio published
2 September 2019

In Kaluga, electrical engineer Roman Makhnev was subjected to inhuman treatment and thrown to jail because of his faith. Read his biography

2 September 2019

Dmitry Kuzin, 54, was sent to pretrial detention after mass raids against believers in Kaluga. His bio is published

29 August 2019

Accountant Maksim Amosov from Karelia may go under trial because of choosing a “wrong” religion, as the authorities say. Here is his bio

29 August 2019

Petrozavodsk citizen Nikolay Leshchеnko, 57, faces criminal persecution for studying the book that changed his life to the better. His biography is revealing

29 August 2019

Master of Sports of USSR charged with extremism because of his love for the Bible. Read Sergey Malyanov’s bio

27 August 2019 ​On August 28, 2019, a hearing reconvened on the criminal case of six Witnesses in Saratov. Events can be monitored in an updated chronicle in Russian
27 August 2019 Aleksandr Vavilov has been in pretrial detention for more than a month for “arranging religioius speeches and worship.” What do we know about him?
27 August 2019 Engineer and father of three children in Karelia charged with extremism only because of his Christian views. Aleksey Smelov’s biography published
27 August 2019 Musician Aleksey Oreshkov who takes care about his elderly mother thrown to jail because of his religious affiliation. Read his biography
27 August 2019 52-year-old sewer Galina Abrosimova from Nizhniy Novgorod suspected of serious crime — choice of religion. What do we know about her?
27 August 2019 Peaceful milling-machine operator Vladimir Manushakyan treated as criminal because of his commitment to Bible testaments. His story is revealing
27 August 2019 ​On August 26, in Kaluga, Judge Galina Gobrusenko, behind closed doors, extended the detention of believers Roman Makhnev and Dmitriy Kuzin for two months
27 August 2019 In Nizhniy Novgorod, at least 11 peaceful citizens face jail because of their faith. Engineer Sergey Verhoturov is one of them. His bio is published
27 August 2019 Vitaliy Popov from Novosibirsk found answers to his questions in the Bible and became suspected of extremism because of that. Read his biography
27 August 2019 In Beryozovsky, Kemerovo Region, Khasan Kogut​ successfully appealed the decision to prolong his home arrest; now on recognisance agreement
26 August 2019 ​In Crimea, the completed investigation against a father of four is being submitted to court. Follow an updated chronicle in Russian
26 August 2019 ​The case of Dmitriy Barmakin is being heard by Stanislav Salnikov, a judge of the Pervorechensky court of Vladivostok. Continued to August 30, 2019​
23 August 2019

In the Leninskiy Court of the city of Penza, six Witnesses are in court. A chronicle of their criminal prosecution bearing signs of religious discrimination is published in Russian​

20 August 2019 In Makhachkala, Arsen Abdullayev has been in pretrial detention for more than 2 months due to his faith. Read his bio
15 August 2019 In Khabarovsk, elderly former school teacher faces prison because of her faith. Read Maya Karpushkina’s bio
14 August 2019 Svetlana Sedova from Khabarovsk faces jail because of her faith in God. Here is her bio
14 August 2019 In Khabarovsk, husband and wife await trial because of their religious views. Read Tatiana Zhuk’s biography
13 August 2019 Kemerovo believer Sergey Yavushkin under house arrest because of “extremism” charges. His biography is published
13 August 2019 New wave of religious persecution in Kemerovo. 45-year-old Aleksandr Bondarchuk faces prison. Read his bio
13 August 2019 Mother and daughter in Karpinsk under criminal prosecution because of religion. Read 19-year-old Darya Dulova’s bio
13 August 2019 Reading Bible in hotel resulted in criminal charges against Yevgeniy Aksenov from Khabarovsk. What do we know about him?
9 August 2019 53-year-old Sevastopol man suspected of extremism because of reading the Bible. Read Viktor Stashevskiy’s bio