19 November 2019 November 18, 2019, news was received of two more searches in Kholmsk, these involving Aleksandr Pavlov and Valentina Guseva
18 November 2019 More details came to light concerning another search in Achinsk. Arkadiy Osipok was detained at work and interrogated. Police searched his apartment
18 November 2019 Witnesses from Novozybkovo Vladimir Khokhlov and Eduard Zhinzhikov are now in the Bryansk pre-trial detention center. This leaves two men and two women still behind
15 November 2019 The function of grouping prisoners of conscience “​by cases” is now available. Criminal cases can be filtered by their stage
15 November 2019 A husband and wife are put in pre-trial detention for their faith. Read the biography of Artem Bagratyan from Kursk
15 November 2019 Alevtina Bagratyan moved to Kursk to care for her mother, but ended up in jail along with her husband for reading the Bible. Read her bio
14 November 2019 Gennadiy Shpakovskiy, a 61-year-old resident of Pskov, faces 15 years in prison for singing songs and praying to Jehovah God
14 November 2019 Yelizovo District Court in Kamchatka returned the case against believing spouses Konstantin and Snezhana Bazhenov and Vera Zolotova to the prosecutor’s office
13 November 2019 On December 5, believers Kim and Polevodov to defend themselves at the Industrial Court of Khabarovsk at 9:30, and at Zheleznodorozhniy at 14:00. They are judged for reading the Bible
13 November 2019 A father of two in Kursk is subjected to criminal prosecution because of his interest in Bible prophecies. Read Andrey Andreyev’s biography
11 November 2019 In Vilyuchinsk, Mikhail and Yelena Popova are on the dock. Their trial starts November 12
8 November 2019 Moscow City Court approved the house arrest of three Witnesses from Chekhov. The ambiguous role of the FSB officer attracted dozens of observers, including diplomats, to court
7 November 2019 In the Primorsky Territory, debate in the case of Grigoriy Bubnov is over. The defense asked the court to fully acquit the believer
4 November 2019 A record 36 searches in one day. The results of the mass raid on Jehovah's Witnesses, which took place in Sochi and its suburbs on October 10, 2019, are summed up
4 November 2019 Nikolay Kuzichkin, a 68-year-old piano tuner from Sochi, was put in pre-trial detention for his religious beliefs. His biography is published
4 November 2019 Vyacheslav Popov, designer and architect from Sochi, subjected to criminal prosecution on the basis of his religious convictions. His bio is revealing
31 October 2019 Georgiy Nikulin always loved to learn something new but could not imagine he would get jailed for his interest for the Bible. Read his bio
29 October 2019 In Kursk, searches were conducted in four homes of Witnesses. Digital devices are confiscated in the homes of two older female Witnesses
29 October 2019 Four prosecution witnesses in the Metsger case never heard calls for extremism from him; another has never seen him. Read the process timeline
25 October 2019 In the Sakhalin, entrepreneur Vyacheslav Ivanov faces a real prison term for his Christian lifestyle. Read his biography
25 October 2019 Losing a job and real prison term. What is in store for a peaceful believer from Krasnoyarsk, Sergey Tolstonozhenko? His biography is online
25 October 2019 Tatyana Feruleva from Krasnoyarsk charged with extremism after a conversation about God at a bus stop. Read her biography
23 October 2019

In Yoshkar-Ola, Yekaterina Pegasheva, 30, awaits trial for reading a “wrong” book. Her biography is published

23 October 2019 In Ussuriysk, where there are already two criminal cases for faith, searches continue; latest was held on October 23, 2019, at the home of Vitaly and Irina Ilyinyh
23 October 2019 Army veteran from Moscow Region decided to live up to the Bible, but can go to jail for his “incorrect” faith. Vitaliy Nikiforov’s bio is telling
23 October 2019 In Chekhov, Moscow Region, former laboratory chief and single mother awaits trial for faith. Read Zinaida Krutyakova’s biography
22 October 2019 22-year-old Dmitriy Kulakov from Sakhalin Island faces prison due to his religious views. His biography published
18 October 2019 In Novosibirsk, Valeriy Maletskov was released from house arrest. Now under a recognisance agreement, he awaits trial for his religious views
18 October 2019 Peaceful Saransk citizen Aleksandr Korolev subjected to criminal prosecution for “disseminating faith.” His biography published
17 October 2019 Searches in the homes of Witnesses on Sakhalin. On October 17, 2019, police invaded two apartments, acting according to the sanction of the Sakhalin Regional Court
17 October 2019 At Metsger trial in Perm, three prosecution witnesses failed to appear. Defense points out gross errors during investigation. Read case timeline
17 October 2019 In Novosibirsk, Aleksandr Seredkin was released from house arrest on recognisance agreement. Criminal case for faith against him still open
16 October 2019 A student in Rostov-on-Don planned to complete alternative civil service, but may go to jail for his faith instead of that. Read Pavel Gild’s biography
16 October 2019 Olga Ganusha, 58-year old woman from Rostov-on-Don, faces trial for reading the Bible. Her bio is pulbished
15 October 2019 A criminal case opened against Elena Nikulina in Saransk based on her religious affiliation. She lost her job. Her bio is revealing
15 October 2019 Criminal persecution for faith prohibits a family from Saransk from getting a regular job. Read Denis Antonov’s biography
14 October 2019 Chinese language teacher from Rostov-on-Don lost her job because of a criminal case for faith. Read Galina Parkova’s biography
10 October 2019 In Ivanovo Region, veteran of nursing awaits trial for her faith in God. Svetlana Ryzhkova’s biography is revealing
10 October 2019 Authorities opened criminal case against Svetlana Shishina and threaten to take away her two children because of her religion. Read her bio
10 October 2019 In Perm Territory, retired engineer was deprived of his credit card and accused of extremism because of his faith in God. Read Valeriy Petrenko’s bio