30 July 2019 House arrest for Andrey Sazonov prolonged till September 31, 2019, despite only 30 days in September
29 July 2019 Novosibirsk citizen persecuted for “reading and discussing literature declared extremist.” Read her bio
29 July 2019 Read biography of Inna Kardakova, economist and accountant in Magadan who is suspected of extremism because of her faith
29 July 2019 Seasoned teacher, labor veteran Galina Dergacheva from Magadan persecuted for reading Bible. Her bio is revealing
29 July 2019 Aviation engineer Mikhail Solntsev from Magadan faces prison term because of his religion. Read his biography
29 July 2019 In Magadan, physical training teacher Viktor Revyakin suspected of “extremism” because of his faith. Here is his bio
29 July 2019 Pskov Region citizen Sergey Komissarov persecuted for “spreading religious teaching.” His bio is revealing
24 July 2019 68-year-old Abakan woman charged with extremism for her faith in God. Read Valentina Baranovskaya’s bio
24 July 2019 Roman Baranovskiy from Abakan criminally prosecuted for his interest in the Bible. Here is his biography
24 July 2019 New data on searches June 26, 2019, in Budyonnovsk
19 July 2019 A believer from Sverdlovsk Region with hearing disability suspected of “propaganda of extremism.” Read her bio
19 July 2019 Primorsky Territory citizen suspected of extremism because of his faith. Read Grigoriy Bubnov’s bio
19 July 2019 Sverdlovsk Region citizen Aleksandr Prianikov persecuted for his faith. His bio is revealing
19 July 2019 Konstantin Moiseyenko from Amur Region becomes victim of religious discrimination. Here is his bio
18 July 2019 Peaceful Surgut citizen Pavel Romashov faces prison just because of his religious views. What do we know about him?
18 July 2019 69-year-old pensioner Leonid Rysikov in Surgut is suspected of extremism because of his religion. Here is his bio
18 July 2019 Vyacheslav Osipov in Volgograd was detained right at his work place and put to prison. Read his bio
18 July 2019 Former university professor and perfect family man persecuted because of his religion. What is known about him?
17 July 2019 In Magadan, 27-year-old Irina Khvostova suspected of extremism just because of her religion. What is known about her?
17 July 2019 Federal Security Service of the National Guard of Russia is now participating in religious persecution
16 July 2019 61-year-old disabled man, Vasiliy Burenesku, faces prison because of his faith. Read his bio
16 July 2019 57-year-old Viktor Fefilov persecuted for his religious beliefs in Surgut. What do we know about him?
16 July 2019 In Surgut, 50-year-old driver Igor Petrov persecuted for his faith. What is known about him?
16 July 2019 78-year-old Kareliya Mamykina charged with Bible discussions, was under surveillance more than a year. Read her bio
16 July 2019 Surgut lawyer Timofey Zhukov can end up in prison because his faith is declared “extremist.” What do we know about this man?
16 July 2019 Oil worker from Surgut, Igor Kobotov, under criminal prosecution because of his religion. Read his biography
16 July 2019 47-year-old Ilkhom Aminzhanov faces real prison term because of his faith. His biography is revealing
15 July 2019 22-year old Semen Baybak served in the Civilian Service because of his faith, but ended up on house arrest. Here is his bio
15 July 2019 Ruslan Alyev from Rostov-on-Don put under house arrest for his religious beliefs. What do we know about this man?
15 July 2019 Olga Silayeva from Bryansk Region labeled “extremist” and thrown to jail. What do we know about her?
15 July 2019 Economist Tatyana Shamsheva in Bryansk Region arrested for her religion. Read her bio
12 July 2019 Vladivostok court to detain Dmitriy Barmakin additional six months. Follow the chronology in Russian
12 July 2019 Follow in Russian: trial of Sergey Klimov in Tomsk
12 July 2019 In Ussuriysk, Sergey Melnikov was arrested during the conversation about the Bible. His bio is revealing
27 June 2019 In Volgograd, Igor Egozaryan has been in pre-trial detention for more than a month because of his faith. What do we know about him?
8 June 2019 State excused Yevgeniy Dechko from military service because of his faith and then jailed him for this faith. Read his bio
8 June 2019 Read the biography of Victor Malkov who “turned from wolf into sheep,” but ended up in prison
8 June 2019 In Smolensk, economist Valeriy Shalev put in pretrial because of his religious convictions. His biography is published
8 June 2019 As arrests for faith resume in Smolensk, the latest defendant is Ruslan Korolev. Read his biography
6 June 2019 The arrest of Volgograd citizen Sergey Melnik left a large family without their sole bread earner. His bio published