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We publish the bio of Sergey Shulyarenko from Birobidzhan who is criminally charged with financing religious activity

In Birobidzhan, Dmitriy Zagulin is charged with financing religious worship. Read his bio

Two more believers were added to the two already accused in Birobidzhan. Sergey Shulyarenko and Dmitry Zagulin were charged under Article 282.3(1)

Jewish Autonomous Region

Appellate Court in Birobidzhan Releases Alam Aliyev

Aliyev’s fellow-believers could not hold back tears of joy.

Raid on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Birobidzhan Code-named “Judgment Day”

On 17 May 2018 in Birobidzhan, one Witness was arrested and a series of searches took place. As became known, the code name of the operation was “Judgment Day”, and it involved 150 security forces.

Верховный суд РФ
Supreme Court Upholds Decision to Liquidate Legal Entity of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Birobidzhan

The Witnesses tried to prove that the grounds for liquidation were flagrantly falsified. Unfortunately, the court ignored their arguments.

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