Saratov Region

In Saratov, Believers Freed After Almost a Year Behind Bars

Konstantin Bazhenov, Aleksey Budenchuk and Feliks Makhammadiyev were released after 11 months in a Saratov jail. They are still accused of organizing extremist activities, but the preventive measure for them has been changed.

In Saratov, Detention for Three Witnesses Extended

On April 11, 2019, a Saratov court prolonged to one year the period of detention for Konstantin Bazhenov, Feliks Makhammadiyev and Aleksey Budenchuk. Their term will now expire June 12. The believers maintain a positive attitude despite unjust criminal persecution.

Saratov: Searches, Planting of Evidence, Three Witnesses Arrested

Searches took place on 12 June 2018 in Saratov. Three peaceful, respected men were arrested: Konstantin Bazhenov, Aleksey Budenchuk and Feliks Makhammadiyev.