Oryol Region

On 3 April 2018, Criminal Case of Danish Witness Continues in Oryol

Zheleznodorozhnyy District Court of Oryol, 10.30 a.m.

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35-Day Break Announced in Oryol in Case of Danish Witness

The Consul of the Royal Danish Embassy is in Moscow in connection with the hearings in Oryol.

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Pre-Trial Detention of Witness in Oryol Extended Another Five Months

The relevant decision was rendered on 22 February 2018 by Aleksey Rudnev, judge of the Zheleznodorozhnyy District Court of Oryol.

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Trial Begins in Oryol for Jehovah’s Witness From Denmark

On 19 February 2018 in the District Court of Oryol, the preliminary hearing began in the criminal case of the Danish citizen charged with “organising the activity of an extremist organisation”.

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Court Restricts Dennis Christensen’s Right to Review Case Materials

On the investigator’s motion, the court set 25 December 2017 as the deadline for reviewing the case materials. The only reason is that the accused is using the services of an interpreter.

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Oryol District Court Extends Detention of Danish Witness Another Three Months

During the three-hour hearing, Judge Andrey Tretyakov did not grant a defence motion to replace the preventive measure with a more lenient one, such as house arrest.

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Witness in Oryol to Remain Behind Bars at Least Until 23 November

The Regional Court upheld the preventive measure on Danish citizen Dennis Christensen, who is unjustifiably charged with involvement in the activity of an organisation liquidated for extremism.

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In Oryol, Appeal Hearing for Danish Witness Continues on 28 September

The reason for the postponement is that the court of first instance did not forward part of the defence evidence to the appeal court. A letter from the Royal Embassy of Denmark was attached to the case.

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Appeal Hearing in Oryol Against Extending Detention of Danish Witness

On 20 September 2017, the Oryol Regional Court considers an appeal against extending the detention of Danish citizen Dennis Christensen.

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Dennis Christensen (Languishing in Detention) and Fellow-Believers Received Thanks From Local Authorities

Oryol authorities thanked Jehovah’s Witnesses for their good deeds. By a strange coincidence, one of them is behind bars.

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Oryol Regional Court Postpones Hearing for Dennis Christensen

The Oryol Regional Court postponed consideration of Dennis Christensen’s appeal. The new date is not known.

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Appeal of Witness Detention Will Be Considered on 7 June 2017

The Oryol Regional Court will consider an appeal against a decision to impose detention for two months on a local Jehovah’s Witness, Dennis Christensen, a Danish citizen.

In Oryol, Appeal Filed Against Court Ruling on Pre-trial Detention of Jehovah’s Witness

The appeal was filed on 29 May 2017 with the Chamber on Criminal Cases of the regional court.

In Oryol Region, Jehovah’s Witness, Danish citizen, in Detention for Two Months

Respected among his circle of fellow believers, 44-year-old Danish citizen Dennis Christensen was sent to the Oryol Detention Centre for two months. He is charged with continuing the activity of an organisation that has been banned for extremism (Article 282.2 of the Russian Criminal Code).

In Oryol Region, Searches, Arrest and Criminal Case Against Witnesses Under “Extremism” Article

On 25 May 2017, no less than 15 armed people, including FSB officers, entered a house where local Jehovah’s Witnesses were found.