Khabarovsk Territory

Third Witness in Khabarovsk Transferred to House Arrest; One Remains in Prison

On January 29, 2019, the Khabarovsk Regional Court reversed a lower court’s decision to place Stanislav Kim in pretrial detention. In Khabarovsk, one more Witness, Valery Moskalenko, remains in prison for his faith.

Four Men Held in Pre-Trial Detention for Their Religious Beliefs Have Been Transferred to House Arrest

Vladimir Alushkin in Penza, Vitaliy Zhuk and Nikolay Polyevodov in Khabarovsk, and Valentin Osadchuk in Vladivostok have all been released from pre-trial detention.

Moskalenko Versus Russia: a New Complaint Filed With the ECHR on Behalf of Jehovah’s Witnesses

On December 18, 2018, a new complaint entitled “Moskalenko versus Russia” was submitted to the ECHR. The Strasbourg court has been asked to give this case priority handling in line with its policies.

Searches and New Arrests in Khabarovsk After Friendly Gathering Disrupted

On 12 November 2018, the court put Vitaliy Zhuk, Nikolay Polevodov and Stanislav Kim behind bars on suspicion of worshipping Jehovah God. The arrests were preceded by an operation to catch Witnesses at a gathering in a cafe.

Local Resident of Khabarovsk Arrested

On 2 August 2018, the FSB conducted searches in the homes of Khabarovsk residents suspected of professing the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 51-year-old Valeriy Moskalenko was sent to a detention centre.

39-Year-Old Witness Arrested in Khabarovsk

In the evening of 30 May 2018 in Khabarovsk, 39-year-old Ivan Puyda was taken into custody. He is suspected of professing the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.