Krasnoyarsk Territory

In Krasnoyarsk, New Searches and Interrogations for Faith; Koran Confiscated

On July 9 and 11, 2019, at least three apartments of persons suspected of professing the views of Jehovah's Witnesses were searched in Krasnoyarsk. Two were questioned about their religion. In one case, law enforcement officers seized the Koran, believing it was relevant to criminal activity.

In Krasnoyarsk, Believer Released From House Arrest

On July 2, 2019, a court in Krasnoyarsk released Andrey Stupnikov, who had been held under house arrest for his faith. He can now move freely.

Man Detained After Spycam Planted in Home

On April 24, 2019, court ruled to put Anton Ostapenko, 28, in detention for two months. Besides operating the power station, he also supports his disabled mother. After the detention, it was learned that a spycam had been placed in the home of a believer, leading to searches in ten private apartments and opening a criminal case against Anton, who is suspected of organizing an extremist organization.

New Case, Searches, and Interrogations in Krasnoyarsk Territory

On April 19, 2019,  law enforcement officers broke into five private apartments in order to conduct searches in the town of Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Detained for questioning were 30 citizens, who were later released. A criminal case was initiated against Dmitriy Maslov, 42, who was confined to a restricted residence.

Five Detained After April 19 Invasions in Three Regions

In the evening of April 19, 2019, simultaneously but in three different regions, law enforcement groups raided the homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The raids took place in the city of Partizansk, Primorye Territory, and the towns of Sharypovo and Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. Five people were detained; two of them are still in custody.

Krasnoyarsk: New Mass Searches in Homes of Witnesses

In Krasnoyarsk, searches were conducted in 20 flats on 7 November 2018 within the framework of the case against Andrey Stupnikov. Individuals were taken for interrogation. There is no information about new arrests.

Witness Arrested in Krasnoyarsk Airport

On 3 July 2018 at 4.20 a.m. in Krasnoyarsk Airport, Yemelyanovo FSB officers arrested 44-year-old Andrey Stupnikov. He is suspected of professing the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Four New Cases of Vandalism Against Jehovah’s Witnesses After Supreme Court Decision

Actions motivated by hatred of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Kaliningrad, Penza and Rostov Regions as well as in Krasnoyarsk Territory.