Photo: Dmitry Kuzin

Criminal Investigation and Trial

In Kaluga, believer Dmitry Kuzin was released under house arrest after six months in a pre-trial detention center

Kaluga Region

The corresponding decision was made by the Kaluga District Court on December 24, 2019. At the exit from the court, the believer was greeted by about 40 people (a short video is published).

The decision to soften the measure of restraint of Dmitry Kuzin was made by judge Olga Alabugina. The court pointed out that, given the state of health of Dmitry Kuzin, he has the right to be under house arrest in a medical institution. Kuzin will have to spend 2 months under house arrest, until February 23, 2020 inclusive. Among other things, he is forbidden to leave his place of residence (except for short walks), receive and send letters, use the telephone and the Internet, as well as communicate with witnesses and other participants in the criminal case.

Investigator E. Pavshenko petitioned for the extension of Kuzin's detention, but the court rejected the prosecutor's request.

Case of Makhnev and Kuzin in Kaluga

Case History
In June 2019, several homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses were searched in Kaluga, including the families of Roman Makhnev and Dmitriy Kuzin. The men were detained and soon sent to a pre-trial detention center. Both spent six months behind bars, and then another two months under house arrest. The FSB opened a criminal case against them, as well as another believer, on extremism. In November 2020, the investigation was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. The investigation resumed in March 2024.

Persons in case

Criminal case

Kaluga Region
Suspected of:
"took active organizational actions, expressed in the unification of the followers of the world organization of Jehovah's Witnesses living in the city of Kaluga and the Kaluga region, under a single leadership; convening meetings in residential quarters... organization of religious speeches and services at these meetings; carrying out the preaching activity" (from the decision to bring as an accused)
Court case number:
June 26, 2019
Current case stage:
indictment under consideration by the prosecutor
Investigation Department of FSSD of Russia for Kaluga Region
Articles of Criminal Code of Russian Federation:
282.2 (1)
Case History