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Actions of Law Enforcement Officers

Searches in the homes of believers in Georgievsk. Regular planting and interrogation of believers

Stavropol Territory

On the evening of October 23, 2019, in Georgievsk (Stavropol Territory), police officers in bulletproof vests almost simultaneously broke into 3 dwellings of believers. Searches were carried out. Flash drives were planted in all the houses. 11 people, one of whom has a disability, were taken to the local police station for interrogation, which lasted until 2 a.m.

During the raid, police officers who introduced themselves as the "Investigative Committee" confiscated electronic devices, asked questions about the religious affiliation of residents, where they kept money and how often they saw their fellow believers. Viktor Zimovskiy, whose house was searched, underwent complex heart surgery, and although he became ill during the search, he was taken away for interrogation along with others. In another case, the police raided a woman who was lying at home with a fever. All were fingerprinted.

Three years ago, it was from the village of Nezlobnaya, Georgievsky District, Stavropol Territory, that a wave of persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in that region rolled in. At that time, law enforcement officers planted banned literature on believers right under surveillance cameras, and, as it became obvious, the practice of planting continues.