Photo: Police raid in Tomsk, 2018


In Norilsk, More Than 50 People Were Blocked by Special Forces at a Tourist Base. Searches and Interrogations of Witnesses

Krasnoyarsk Territory

On Sunday morning, October 20, 2019, two groups of police surrounded a camp building in Norilsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory), where believers were at that time. Masked commandos burst into the building and demanded that everyone who was there surrender their phones and tablets. Some believers have been searched in their homes.

Case of Polozov in Norilsk

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Krasnoyarsk Territory
Населенный пункт:
В чем подозревается:
According to the investigation he “organized meetings ... in compliance with distinctive —  for this association — actions expressed in religious speeches, services, and propaganda of the activities of the banned organization ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’”
Номер уголовного дела:
20 October 2019 
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предварительное следствие
Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Krasnoyarsk Territory
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