2 Years and 2 Months of Forced Labor and 6 Months’ Restriction for Reading Bible. Valeriy Moskalenko Free, But With Guilty Verdict

Photo: Valeriy Moskalenko at the court

Two years and two months of forced labor and another six months of restriction of freedom — this is the sentence pronounced for Valeriy Moskalenko in the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Khabarovsk on September 2, 2019. However, the court did not support the petition for a prison term for a peaceful believer incriminated in reading the Bible.

Case of Moskalenko in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Territory
Case number:
Number of the case in court:
Current stage:
trial in appellate court
Suspected of:
according to the investigation, together with others he conducted religious services, which is interpreted as “organising the activity of an extremist organisation” (with reference to the decision of the Russian Supreme Court on the liquidation of all 396 registered organisations of Jehovah’s Witnesses)
Article of the Russian Criminal Code:
282.2 (2)
Investigative Department of the Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the Khabarovsk Territory
Case initiated:
1 August 2018

Persons in the case



Старший следователь-криминалист следственного отдела УФСБ России по Хабаровскому краю старший лейтенант юстиции Д. Поздняков, рассмотрев сообщение о преступлении, постановляет возбудить уголовное дело в отношении Валерия Москаленко по признакам преступления, предусмотренного ч. 2 ст. 282.2 УК РФ.

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