Photo: Valeriy Moskalenko at the court

Two years and two months of forced labor and another six months of restriction of freedom — this is the sentence pronounced for Valeriy Moskalenko in the Zheleznodorozhny District Court of Khabarovsk on September 2, 2019. However, the court did not support the petition for a prison term for a peaceful believer incriminated in reading the Bible.

Khabarovsk Territory

In Karpinsk, hearings began on the case of Prianikov and Dulova, mother and daughter. Court rejected all their petitions. Follow the case chronicle

Sverdlovsk Region

In Saratov, defendants exhaustively explained why extremism is alien to them. Legal entities are not mandated to practice faith. Read the chronicle

Saratov Region

In the Klimov case in Tomsk, the prosecutor's office requested more time to prepare for the debate. Hearings were rescheduled for October 21

Tomsk Region

New Criminal Case for Faith in Karelia. Mikhail Gordeev, 59, Detained at His Workplace and Placed Under Recognisance Agreement

On September 5, 2019, in Petrozavodsk (Karelia, Russia), FSB officers detained Mikhail Gordeev right at his workplace, suspecting him of practicing the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. He was searched, his tablet was seized, and he was taken to the FSB department. A criminal case was opened.


​In Saratov, court searched in vain for extremism in the books of Jehovah's Witnesses. Religious scholar Sergey Ivanenko gave testimony. Read chronicle

Saratov Region

Hearings in the Khabarovsk case​ were postponed to October 28. Prosecutor will have to present his evidence

Khabarovsk Territory

Are Jehovah's Witnesses Actually Banned in Russia?

No. According to the explanation of the Russian Government, the Supreme Court banned only the activities of legal entities that no longer exist, but not the religion as such.


Hearings in the case of Grigoriy Bubnov​, accused of organizing extremist activities because of his faith, begin in Primorsky Territory

Primorye Territory