Breaking news. In Chita, Vadim Kutsenko Reports That During Interrogation He Was Beaten Using Electric Shock to His Stomach and Leg.

Photo: Aleksey Budenchuk, Aleksey Miretskiy, Feliks Makhammadiyev, Gennadiy German, Roman Gridasov

On February 6, 2020, in Orenburg, officers of Penal Colony No. 1 beat believers Budenchuk, German, Gridasov, Makhammadiyev, and Miretskiy with clubs and legs. As a result, one of them, Feliks Makhammadiyev, was hospitalized. The rest were falsely charged and sent to a punishment cell.
Saratov Region; Orenburg Region

Lyudmila Shoot, a 72-year-old resident of the village of Razdolny, Primorye Territory, is suspected of extremism. Due to disability, she can walk only with crutches

Primorye Territory

In Yalta on February 13, FSB officers ransacked the home of 41-year-old Taras Kuzio. The special operation took place against the background of the trial of another believer, Artem Gerasimov


On February 14, Aleksandr Ishchenko, a judge of the Vilyuchinsk City Court, sentenced spouses Mikhail Popov and Elena Popova to a fine of 650 thousand rubles jointly

Kamchatka Territory

According to updated information, the detention of Chita believers Pavel Mamalimov, Sergey Kirilyuk and Vadim Kutsenko was extended until February 15, inclusive

Trans-Baikal Territory

On February 20, the appeal in the Klimov case will be heard at the Tomsk Regional Court (Makushina, 8) at 10:40

Tomsk Region

In Vilyuchinsk, the announcement of the verdict to Mikhail and Elena Popov was postponed to February 14. The prosecution asks court to impose a gigantic fine on them for faith

Kamchatka Territory

You may send letters of support (but not parcels) to Bazhenov, Budenchuk, Miretskiy, German, Gridasov, and Makhammadiyev in the prison

Saratov Region

On the evening of February 12, the Ingodinsky District Court of Chita issued a ruling to impose house arrest on Vladimir Ermolaev. He was detained more than 60 hours

Trans-Baikal Territory