The Case of Fomin in Cherkessk

Case History

In February 2024, the home of Vladimir Fomin, who has a disability, was searched. A criminal case was initiated against him for participating in the activity of an extremist association and involving others in it. A month later, the court took the believer into custody despite the state of his health. The charges were based on Fomin’s conversations about the Bible, which the investigation deemed to be involving others in the activity of an extremist organization.

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    March 21, 2024 Case initiated Detention center Search Art. 282.2 (2) Art. 282.2 (1.1) Believers with a disability Interrogation
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    March 23, 2024 Detention center Believers with a disability

    Rustam Atayev, judge of the Cherkessk City Court of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, orders Vladimir Fomin's detention until May 21, 2024, despite the fact that the defense asks to soften the measure of restraint for house arrest, linking this to the state of health of the defendant - right at the hearing, the believer loses consciousness, he is provided with emergency medical care.

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    June 14, 2024 Restriction of the right to medical care Health risk Detention center Letters Believers with a disability

    Vladimir Fomin's health in the pre-trial detention center is deteriorating. He does not receive the necessary medicines, because of this, his chronic diseases have worsened.

    Two more people are kept in the cell where the believer is located. He has a bed, but the sanitary condition of the bedding is unsatisfactory.

    His wife gave Vladimir a parcel, but he did not receive it. Letters arrive, but irregularly. The administration of the pre-trial detention center promises to establish regular delivery of correspondence. Vladimir can take walks and read the Bible.